About Us

"AZA Electronics" was established in 1997, initially started as a small venture in the city of Vlora, to become during a short time  one of the main players in the domestic market in Albania.

Partnerships over the years between "AZA Electronics" and leading companies not only in Italy, but also in Europe and beyond, has given the company credibility and competitive edge in the market in terms of product quality and price, making it widely known as a prestigious brand.

The brand name "AZA Electronics" is now directly linked to customer focus as well as the right service-quality-price ratio. Precisely the consolidation of the trinomial service-quality-price is the basis of the company's expansion strategy in the retail market, which has led it to focus on creating a reality where customer benefit is real and tangible.

This is precisely the reason and the philosophy of the slogan of the company "Benefit Reality", which is rapidly expanding and the "AZA Electronics" network throughout Albania, and beyond.